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Review of sakron Ring sling by World Of Wovens

“To love the perfectly imperfect”

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REVIEW: LÖFT – SAKORN (mulberry silk)

” Okay, let’s talk Danish Löft again. I’ve gotten the opportunity to try the upcoming release Sakorn and since the release is this Wednesday (2017-05-24), I wanted to share my thoughts before that. Sakorn is made from 100% mulberry silk, and not just any mulberry silk. The women that makes these slings start by planting the mulberry leaves, they handfeed the silkworks (!) with the leaves before they can collect the silk. It is then dyed with organic vegetable dyes and finally handwoven to create the fabric for these ring slings. This is crazy cool, in my opinion. I get to have in my hand and wear my baby in a fabric that really has been cared for. So much time and effort that has been spent on making this. My first reflection collecting the package was how extremely light it was. I was even questioning had Signe really remembered to put the sling in there at all (really, no joking). Opening it, I saw this shiny piece of rosy pink. Signe from Löft told me to get out of my monochromatic comfort zone because well, summer, and sent me this pink and yes it feels like a summer compatible sling (but so does black, just for the record). The fabric is so light, and thin. Like a luxurious and elegant silk scarf. It has some structure though from the weaving which makes it not just a romantic piece but gives it a little edge. The sling I’ve gotten to try measures approx. 1.67 from the rings to the tails which is not the length that will be in the slings in the shop – they will be a standard length – but just a sample length.
This sling is recommended to be used up to 12 kg, and my Lo weighs… errr, somewhere around 9? The recommendations are purely based on comfort if my understanding is correct, and I can understand where it comes from. The sling is like I said really thin and light. It still feels supportive due to the silk, but I can imagine it being a little too thin for a heavy toddler. It has more glide than grip even though the pattern and weaving gives it a little structure. It is easy to tighten and to work with – no bulky feeling anywhere (of course) and it responds quickly and easily when you tighten. It might be a little glidey on the shoulders if you’re carrying a heavier baby – in that sense that the fabric will gather a little by the neck. Or maybe that’s just me not doing a great job tightening. The feeling is not entirely smooth, but still smooth enough to use on bare skin. A little breaking in might be good before using it on newborns, other than that – this is a perfect newborn sling since it’s so thin it won’t be overwhelming on that little newborn body. It’s great with both summer heat but also when it gets chillier. Only downside when it comes to newborns is that it’s not easycare. This is otherwise a perfect wrap to take with you, it takes like no place at all and weighs pretty much nothing. It’s also a nice scarf when you’re not wearing your baby. As with all handwoven slings from Löft, it does come with some pulls and thread ends and irregularities even though this sling feels tighter in the weaving and less pull prone than Bishnu for example. But if you know that you will stress about those things, then it might not be the sling for you. For me it is a great way of practicing to love the perfectly imperfect.”