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Review of Bishnu from “Alisson Feeling Wraps”

By 11. April 2017Reviews

From http://alissonfeelingwraps.blogspot.dk/?m=1

Löft Ring Slings is above all a magnificent project!

This new Handwoven brand is Danish but the wraps are woven in Nepal and northern Thailand.
What a great idea to entrust this task to people with experience and expertise in carrying and weaving for generations…

What a great project from Löft to offer them a fair job!

This new company has two major goals: provide us the best to carry our children and improve the comfort of life of all these women.
And for the little story, know that Löft names the wrap after the first name of the person who wove it.

Now let’s talk about the wrap:

I discovered a ring sling so fluffy, soft, fluid, airy…
I can see some weaving imperfections when I look more closely to it, but the word “imperfection” is quite relative…
Personally I mainly see the craftwork of the weaver.

I just want to roll in it and yet this sling is new!
But unfortunately I have wash it first…
Unfortunately, because I will have to wait a little longer before wearing this beautiful blanket!

My daughter was sick the day of the reception, so I could not have asked for a better wrap for our cuddles!

Quick to wash, there is a little sun outside and a light breeze, it will only take an hour for the sling to be dry! And yes I told you it was an airy weave! This fabric wraps us like a second skin. So malleable and light in hand, I wonder where the 380gr are…
The fabric is easy to glide into the rings and the strand-by-strand tightening is perfect!

It’s now that I feel the gsm of the fabric.
My daughter is no longer a very small baby and despite that she weighs a little more than 10kg, this asymmetrical carry is quite comfortable!
The small rebound just perfect and allows my little wrapee to make one with Mom!