Thapa Desert Ring sling RELEASE BY DRAW 26.JUNE-30.JUNE


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Product Description

Handwoven 40% Organic undyed Hemp, 60% Cotton.

195cm plus rings and fringes. 70cm wide.  

NEW BLEND! Only 10pieces available!

Thapa is our summer ring sling/wrap, but this year we have used natural hemp instead of linen.

The hemp we use is organic and soft, not stiff and crisp like you might have experienced it from machine woven wraps.

Thapa has a natural coolness. The hemp fiber is strong, raw and unpolished.

Thapa is a thin, comfortable, light weight sling, with great strength. The hemp is breathable and has a cooling effect on warm babies.

It is perfect for newborns and children up to 15kg.

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