Thapa Denim rs. extra length


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Product Description

Handwoven 100% Linen. 225-250cm plus rings and fringes. 

Thapa has a natural coolness. The linen fiber is strong and unpolished.

The twill weaving allows the blue color to dominate the frontside and the white color to dominate the backside. The fringes are made by hand, and they complete the design perfectly.

Thapa is a thin, comfortable, light weight sling, with great strength. The linen is breathable and has a cooling effect on warm babies.

The linen fabric is crisp, but will become very soft when it is broken in. It will stretch a bit the first time it is used, so it can be necessary to tighten the sling. After a wearing it a few times, the fabric will not stretch anymore, and the ring sling will be perfect!

To honor our amazing weavers, we always name our slings after the weaver who has made the first sample. This sling is woven in Nepal by Rita Thapa, so it is named Thapa.

It has small weaver’s knots, threads and pulls, this is the beauty of handwoven fabric and will not affect the safety of the ring sling. It is perfectly imperfect. 

To limit the use of plastic and unnecessary packing, our ring sling will come in an organic handwoven drawstring bag. When you sling your baby on the front, you can carry diapers and food in the drawstring on the back.

When your carrying days are over, we recommend that you pass on the sling to other parents or take off the rings and make it into your favorite scarf, embracing all the memories of you carrying your baby.

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