Sa-ard Sand Ring Sling


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Product Description

50% Organic Mulberry Silk, 50% Organic handspun Cotton.

Approximately 70cm wide and 200cm long incl. rings. 270GSM.

This Löft ring sling is handwoven by Sa-ard.

The fabric is handmade without any use of machines, 100% organic and 100% biodegradable. This is the essence of sustainable luxury.

It has a rustic look and a lot of structure. This ring sling is strong, supportive, breathable and has a good grip. It will be perfect for toddlers.

The cotton is harvested by hand, handspun and dyed with organic bark without any use of chemicals. The fabric has a slight scent of bark and contains small pieces of black bark, this will go away when the sling is used.

The silk is made by the silk moth larvaes. The artisans handfeed the larvaes with organic Mulberry leaves, they clean their nests and protects them from the sun. When the silk is ready, they collect it from the cocoons and spin it.

The fabric has been washed, so you can go ahead and use it.

The ring sling is made of natural fibers and handwoven under very primitive conditions without any machines. The artisans use handmade bamboo looms, so the fabric has small weaver knots, pulls, thread ends and irregularities. This is the beauty of handwoven fabric and it makes every sling unique. It will not affect the safety of the ring sling.

To limit the use of plastic and unnecessary packing, the Löft ring sling will come in an organic drawstring bag. When you wear your baby on the front, you can carry diapers and food in the drawstring on the back.


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