Ramita Marble wrap- size 6 without fringes


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Handwoven and Hand dyed 50% Silk, 50% Organic Cotton.

Approximately 66cm wide and 470cm long, plus rings. Approx. 260gsm.

Ramita joined our team to train as a weaver in January last year after losing her previous job. She has trained hard to become an excellent weaver and Ramita slings and wraps are named after her, as it was her first woven release last August. Now we give you new Ramita!

Softer than the previous one, feeling medium thin in hand. With a great grip and hardly any bounce. Light and airy, yet strong and supportive. Mouldable and very easy to use for both beginners and experienced wrappers.

It is tie dyed with a combination of off white, beautiful shades of grey and black. The hand dyed silk weft brings strength, shine and life to fabric.

It is a great choice for both newborns, bigger babies and toddlers- we had a lot of feedback from our Swedish testers, who said they loved it for their toddlers! So it will be a perfect wrap to carry your baby from the first days to the end of your babywearing journey, all the years to come!

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Note: The care label says Organic silk, it is regular silk.

Please note that your purchase will be sent on 8.June.

Customers outside the EU will not be charged VAT(Price without VAT 262.40€)

A Löft product is made by humans, not machines. No hands are perfect and no threads are endless, so there might be visible thread shifts, small knots and other irregularities. This is the beauty of a handwoven product. Every piece is unique.

To limit the use of plastic and unnecessary packing, your ring sling/wrap will come in an handwoven organic drawstring bag. When you wear your baby on the front, you can carry diapers and food in the drawstring on the back.

When your carrying days are over, we recommend that you pass on the ring sling/wrap to other parents or make it into your favorite scarf, embracing all the memories of you carrying your baby.


Beautiful pictures taken by Angelica Fredin